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 Welcome to BellaLuna Ragdolls, the Home of Extraordinary Ragdolls!
(Updated 1-22-13)

Our Cattery is closed.  That means we do not have any more kittens or retired breeders, and we are no longer breeding. 

All BellaLuna owners may always contact us at any time with any questions, and remember, we take our babies back if you cannot keep them, and our contract states this. 


Please enjoy our website ;)  Prospective new owners of Ragdolls will learn a LOT if they read the Ragdoll Info page. 

(Blue Bicolor girl)

CFA Grand Champion RaggleDazzle Jordon x CFA Champion RaggleDazzle's Chrissy of Kissykat

She is affectionately known as "Dilly Bug"; her handsome and sweet daddy Jordon was Number 2 Ragdoll in CFA for 2005-2006.

Our Kitties come from Award Winning Grand Champion and Supreme Grand Champion Blood Lines!!

Welcome to BellaLuna Ragdolls, the home of the best of the best!!  We have been breeding for several years now, after owning and showing 4 beautiful show/alters in CFA since 2004.  Our love for our show/alters led us to decide to try our hand at breeding to continue to promote this wonderful breed that we have fallen so much in love with.  What a Ragdoll is is a medium to large, blue eyed pointed semi-long haired kitty with the best personality in the whole world.  They are social, gentle, fun to play with, exquisitely beautiful and intuitive.  They are life-enhancers, with loving special temperaments and the most beautiful faces and coats.  They are wonderful in every way!!

Ragdolls are a relatively new breed, and they were genetically engineered (so to speak) by careful breeding,  by a woman in California in the 1960's.  Ragdoll cats have loving and gentle dispositions, and a desire to be near their humans.  They often want to sit in your lap, or beside you, want to share your bed, and be a part of the family.  They love to play, and greet you at the door when you come home.  They display many "Dog" characteristics, such as following their owners around the house, playing fetch, and even walking on a leash, so are sometimes called "Puppy Cats". 

Please take time to look on many websites about Ragdoll kitties, especially www.cfa.com and www.tica.com .  Ragdolls are super fun and loving, but they are long-haired kitties and do require maintenance.  Their fur is silky and non-matting for the most part, but they do require some brushing.  Their coats are much more carefree than a Persian's coat, but long kitty fur is long kitty fur ;)They do shed their coats in the spring and fall, and may become matted if they are not cared for.  They adore being brushed, one brush stroke, one hand stroke, so that is not a problem, unless you are too busy to keep their fur up.  We always welcome calls to talk about our wonderful Ragdolls, and visits to discuss them.  They are not for everyone, but to us, they are just purrrrrfection!!

The BIGGEST thanks, love and hugs to Kathleen Burke of the fabulous Kissykat Ragdolls for mentoring me, helping me, befriending me and allowing me to breed with her outstanding lines.  She is the best ever and I dedicate all that is great about BellaLuna Ragdolls to her!!


  Call us at 301-432-0632 or e-mail us at lklkolb@verizon.net

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